Jeu de Paume Paris avril 2014

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du 8 au 13 avril 2014

13 avril 2014

Finale Open de Paris IG 2014

Shaun Le Roux 3-0 Ben Coleman
                         11/5 11/6 11/6 (62mn)

Ben Coleman

Really enjoyed my first time in Paris, I look forward to returning soon . I gave it all I had in the final but unfortunately it wasnt quite good enough this time.

Congratulations to Shaun, he lived up to his top seed billing.

Hopefully next time I am back I can finish as the winner instead of runner up but its been a very positive week for me.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event work. Now its time for me to get home and enjoy the rest of my birthday with my family.

Shaun Le Roux

Really happy to have won the tournament . Its been a hard week Ive felt, and a lot of it was more mentally tiring than physical. It was hard because I had to be prepared for a long match everytime I went on court so from that point of view Im even more happy. I feel Ive played solid squash all through the week and pleased to get rewarded for it.

A big thank you to Danny and his team for putting on such a great event. I've really enjoyed Paris and hopefully be back next year. Well done to Ben as well for a good tournament and Im sure he'll get that tournament win soon.

Final Open Régional :
Benoit Dermot bt Sohail Khan
                         11/5 10/12 9/11 14/12 16/14


Tableau Régional

Tableau Régional

Open de Paris IG
du 8 au 13 avril 2014 - Jeu de Paume Paris - $10K
Premier Tour - 10 avril Quarts - 11 avril Demies - 12 avril Finale
[1] Shaun Le Roux (Rsa)
 9/11 11/9 11/5 11/9 (91mn)
Alejandro Garbi Caro (Esp)
[1] Shaun Le Roux
11/4 9/11 13/11 11/2 (65mn)
[8] Sebastiaan Weenink
[1] Shaun Le Roux

11/9, 5/11, 11/8, 11/9 (115mn)

[3] Rex Hedrick

[1] Shaun Le Roux

 11/5 11/6 11/6 (62mn)

[6] Ben Coleman
Khawaja Adil Maqbool (Pak)
11/8 11/3 11/4 (25mn)
[8] Sebastiaan Weenink (Ned)
[7] Jens Schoor (Ger)
11/8 11/5 11/6 (50mn)
[Q] Benjamin Fischer (Sui)
[7] Jens Schoor
11/2 12/10 11/6 (50mn)
[3] Rex Hedrick
[Q] Tim Weber (Ger)
 11/6 11/4 11/5 (44mn)
[3] Rex Hedrick (Aus)
[4] Jan Koukal (Cze)
4/11 11/9 12/14 11/8 11/4 (82mn)
[Q] Carlos Cornes (Esp)
[Q] Carlos Cornes
11/5 12/14 11/8 11/5 (75mn)
[6] Ben Coleman
[6] Ben Coleman

 8/11, 14/12, 6/11, 11/9, 11/9 (105mn)

[2] Ivan Yuen
Geoffrey Demont (Fra)
11/9 11/5 12/10 (60mn)
[6] Ben Coleman (Eng)
[5] Mahesh Mangaonkar (Ind)
11/7 8/11 11/8 11/5 (73min)
[WC] Johan Bouquet (Fra)
[5] Mahesh Mangaonkar  11/6 10/11 (Mahesh retired injured)
[2] Ivan Yuen
[Q] Peter Reiko (Sui)
11/8 11/13 11/3 11/8 (50mn)
[2] Ivan Yuen (Mas)

9-Apr-2014 - Qualifications finals:

Peter Reiko bat Christophe André                            11/5 11/5 11/7 (30mn)
                                                             plays Yuen
Benjamin Fischer bat Alex Ingham                          11/9 11/9 11/5 (36mn)
                                                             plays Schoor
Carlos Cornes bat Damien Volland                   11/7 9/11 11/9 11/9 (90mn)
                                                             plays Koukal
Tim Weber bat Andre Haschker                              12/10 11/8 11/7 (43mn)
                                                            plays Hedrick

(Lucky Loser: Andre Haschker)

8-Apr-2014 - 1st round:
Peter Reiko bat Auguste Dussourd                            11/9 11/9 11/9 (40 mn)
Christophe André bat Jonas Daehler               11/3 11/7 9/11 14/12 (50 mn)
Benjamin Fischer bat Tom De Mulder        11/5 11/7 11/13 8/11 11/8 (50 mn)
Alex Ingham bat Jerome Dadot                                11/2 11/6 11/2 (28 mn)
Damien Volland bat Adam Auckland       11/13 12/10 11/9 3/11 11/6 (65 mn)
Carlos Cornes bat Quint Mandil                                 11/5 11/6 11/5 (30 mn)
Andre Haschker bat Steve London                           11/7 11/3 11/5 (30 mn)
Tim Weber bat Joan Lezaud                            13/15 11/8 11/6 11/8 (58 mn)

12 avril 2014

Semis - Demi-finales                       

Shaun Le Roux 3-1 Rex Hedrick
                     11/9, 5/11, 11/8, 11/9 (115mn)

Shaun :
That was a looong match ! I know Ive said it all week but it's not getting shorter. But I'm happy to be in the final. One more match to go and its against my room mate for the last week.

So hopefully we have a good match and not as long as the others !

Ben Coleman bt Ivan Yuen
                      8/11, 14/12, 6/11, 11/9, 11/9 (105mn)

Ben :
Really happy with how I played out there today. Ivan was always top 2/3 in the world in our junior days so I am very happy to beat him.

Really enjoying my time in Paris and cannot wait to play the final tomorrow . Playing my room mate for the week and top seed Shaun, should be good.


"A special mention for Rex & Ivan who gave all they had which made it a spectacular semi-finals night with two fantastic marathon matches at the Jeu de Paume de Paris also for their approach and attitude….

An example to all of what “sportsmanship” is all about…"

Tournament Director/ref



1er tour - First round


1er tour - First round

Ben & Carlos

Yvan & Mahesh

11 avril 2014

Quarters - Quarts de finale                       

Shaun Le Roux bt Sebastiaan Weenink
                        11/4 9/11 13/11 11/2 (65mn)

Shaun :
Felt a bit better today but still struggling with how bouncy the court is. But its obviously the same for both players and I’m expecting to be on court for an hour. Really liking Paris so far especially the bakeries ! Feeling good for my semi final tomorrow

Sebastiaan :
First game I did not get into the match , he played solid and my basic game was poor. In the second and third it felt more equal, anyones game really, I won the second he won the third. For some reason I felt I had to change tactics, I opened up the court to much, and he took full advantage. All the best to Shaun in the rest of the tournament.

Thank you Paris and thank you Danny Mandil and his team for a great tournament, hope to back here one day !

Rex Hedrick bt Jens Schoor    11/2 12/10 11/6 (50mn)

Rex :
Happy to get off with a 3-0 there. Jens started slowly in the first but towards the end of the second he really got the control off of me and I felt quite lucky that I was able to hang in there long enough to pinch that game.

At 2-0 I was confident to keep building pressure and close it out. Very keen to get back on there and battle it out with Shaun tomorrow.

Ben Coleman bt Carlos Cornes Ribadas
                         11/5 12/14 11/8 11/5 (75mn)

Ben :
Wasnt my best performance but happy to go through to the semi finals of course …. Fair play to Carlos he played well. looking forward to my match tomorrow and a good performance from me !

Ivan Yuen bt Mahesh Mangaonkar
                         11/6 10/11 (Mahesh retired injured)

Started off well in the first but an accident happened there whereby Mahesh got into an ankle injury in the end of second game when going for his shot . He has to retire from the match as it was quite a bad one and hope for a speedy recovery.

However, I have still got to prepare myself for my match tomorrow...



Tim & Rex






A quick word about this first round. Apparently, the temperature in Paris is nice - most of the matches went over the hour, with the Palme d'Or going to Le Roux/Garbi match, 91m. Also to be noted that seed4 Jan Koukal is out, compliment of Spanish Carlos Cornes. And last, the two French in the competition have bowed out, Demont against Englishman Ben Coleman, and WC Bouquet against seed 5 Mahesh Mangaonkar.

Shaun Le Roux bt Alejandro Garbi Caro
                   9/11 11/9 11/5 11/9 (91mn)

Shaun :
Definitely one of the hottest /bounciest courts I’ve played on, so I’m happy yo get through after 90 mins ! A bit disappointed to drop the first after being 8-3 up. At least I’m prepared for it now and hopefully play better tomorrow.

Ivan Yuen bt Reiko Peter  11/8 11/13 11/3 11/8 (50mn)

Ivan :
First time in Paris. Is a great place to be and a great tournament as well. Played my first match today and looking forward for the next one. Is a different court here as well with a glass side wall which makes it interesting to see and different to play in. Hoping for the best in this great tournament.

Rex Hedrix bt Tim Weber      11/6 11/4 11/5 (44mn)

Rex :
Very lively courts which suited me better today. Tim has nice hands and touch so I was trying to keep it fast and always keep him moving which paid off in the end. Looking forward to the quarter finals tomorrow, but now its off to check out the eiffel tower!!

Sebastiaan Weenink bt Khawaja Adil Maqbool
                     11/8 11/3 11/4 (25mn)

Seb Weenink :
Quick match. First match of the tournament always a bit nervous, first game I felt as if I was playing with him this I changed in the second and third. It looked like he was having trouble moving, so I made sure to keep the ball away from him, as his racket skills are strong. Happy to win and to get through to the next round !

Adil Maqbool :
First time back in Paris since I played here as a junior a long time ago. Its a very well organised event and a very different yet welcoming atmosphere here at the club. Had a hit on the courts earlier and it seemed very very lively. I have been assured that it cools down in the evening, so counting on that.

Been struggling a bit with my movement recently , had injured myself in Pakistan during the quarterfinal a few weeks back…. all credit to him (Sebastiaan) for using that to his advantage. Hope to be fit and back next year

Jens Schoor bt Benjamin Fischer 11/8 11/5 11/6 (50mn)

Jens Schoor :
I was quite satisfied with my performance today. My attacking game was working quiet well tonight and I felt comfortable on court. Benjamin tried the best he could to hold against it and we ended up with a couple of really long and fantastic ralleys. Now I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Ben Coleman bt Geoffrey Demont
                                 11/9 11/5 12/10 (60mn)

Ben Coleman :
Really enjoying my first time in Paris, happy to win my match 3-0.

Looking forward to some food and rest now and then to getting back on court tomorrow for my quarter final match

Malesh Mangaonkar bt Johan Bouquet
                                  11/7 8/11 11/8 11/5 (73min)

Mahesh :
Enjoyed winning my first match against the home boy (Johan Bouquet) The court was very bouncy and high tin so had to be very patient and wait for the opportunity to put it short. Tomorrow will be a good test as I play Ivan . Hope to play my best and come out with a win. So far loving it here in Beautiful Paris.

9 avril 2014

Qualification Finals:
No luck for the French

Peter Reiko bat Christophe André 11/5 11/5 11/7 (30mn)
                                                 plays Yuen
Ben Fischer bat Alex Ingham       11/9 11/9 11/5 (36mn)
                                                 plays Schoor
Carlos Cornes bat Damien Volland
  11/7 9/11 11/9 11/9 (90mn)      plays Koukal
Tim Weber bat Andre Haschker 12/10 11/8 11/7 (43mn)
                                                plays Hedrick

Reiko Peter:
Really happy with the way I played today. I knew that christophe can play a lot of good shots but I was really up for it today . I tried to play a higher pace than him and I think it worked out pretty well.. . tomorrow the main draw starts and I hope to be able to continue to play like today…

Good to be in Paris, First time in France actually. Ive only been here 1 day and so far Im really enjoying it. Looking forward to trying all the local food and seeing all the attractions and hopefully the squash will go well too. Very nice club though which always makes it easier to play well.

Benjamin FISCHER:
Very happy to qualify, Alex is a very good player and the last two times he beat me so im happy i won this time.

This is my first time in Paris and I really like it so far. I’m excited for the main draw tomorrow. Looking forward to whoever I play.

Carlos CORNES:
Happy to get through, sometimes you cant play the best squash but you still have to dig in and win…all credit to him (Damien Volland) as he was playing great squash both yesterday and today.. so now time to recover and see who I get tomorrow…bonsoir !!!!!!!

8 avril 2014


Arrived yesterday at the club and I am really looking forward to play here… I have been to Paris before and I just love the city… th « charme » this city has just facinates me ! loking forward to this week…

Salut tout le monde ! Content d’avoir eu une « local » pour pouvoir faire mon 1er 10000$. Je remercie Danny car c’est grâce à lui que je suis là. Premier match à 16h contre Peter Reiko je vais tout donner et prendre du plaisir sur le court.

I am happy to play in this cool club for my 2nd time and I hope to to play in the main draw on Thursday …. I love this city and every time is good to play here in Paris

Happy with my performance I took a good lead and stayed infront. Looking forward to playing again tomorrow at this cool club!

Enfin !!
Je suis vraiment content de ma performance aujourd’hui contre Adam (n°123 PSA) ici au Jeu de Paume, je gagne 11/6 dans le cinquième.

Cette victoire m’affecte particulièrement car je suis passé par des moments difficiles ces derniers temps, avec des remises en questions, des choix à faire donc cette performance donne du baume au cœur.

Merci à tous ceux qui sont derrière moi et tout particulièrement à mon frère Jérôme !!
Maintenant place au second tour des qualifs demain à 20h ..

Back for a second year after the allure of another opportunity to compete in Paris . A great tournament, really well run and looking forward to playing tonight in qualifying against André.

Qualifications Results

This is my first time in Paris and from first impressions I'm really liking it.

The club is really nice and the surrounding area is amazing, being so close to all the major attractions. Felt like a typical tourist today going to see the Eifel Tower and having a crepe.

I'm really looking forward to the tournament starting tomorrow and hoping to play well.

Ben & Tom

Jonas & Christophe

8-9 April
16 players (4 locals)

Main Draw:
10-13 April 2014
16 players (8 seeds, 4 qualifiers, 1 WC)

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21 mars 2014

Le Jeu de Paume vous gâte...

Chers amis !

La Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets organise sur ses courts historiques du 8 au 13 Avril 2014 un tournoi PSA CHALLENGER 10 : « L’OPEN DE PARIS IG ».

Description de l'image  IG_125X125_LOGO.gif.Grâce au soutien inestimable d’IG, le Jeu de Paume de Paris est en mesure d’organiser cette année un tournoi international d’une dotation de 10.000$.

Pas moins de 28 joueurs du circuit « PSA » se sont inscrits dont 8 du contingent français et 20 joueurs étrangers : Afrique du Sud, Malaisie, Australie, République Tchèque, Inde, Angleterre, Allemagne, Hollande, Pakistan, Espagne, Suisse, Belgique…

Le Jeu de Paume de Paris tient à remercier la société IG pour son implication sous la direction de Gwenaël MOY et Astrid WICKERT ainsi qu’à la Fédération Française de Squash et La Ligue île de France de Squash pour leur partenariat, ainsi que Framboise GOMMENDY et SITESQUASH, sans oublier la MAISON NORDIQUE sous la responsabilité de Kiavosh ESLAMDOUST. L’organisation des tableaux et l’arbitrage seront sous la direction de Danny MANDIL.


« Qualifying Draw »
16 joueurs (2 tours/2 rounds) - Les 4 joueurs qualifiés rejoindront le tableau final (« Main Draw ») de 16 joueurs.
1e tour, 1st Round:
Mardi 8 Avril (8 matchs) à partir de 16h00
2e tour : Mercredi 9 Avril (4 matchs) à partir de 18h00

«Main Draw»
Jeudi 10 Avril (8 matchs) à partir de 16h00
¼ de finale:
Vendredi 11 Avril à 18h00, 19h00, 20h00 et 21h00
½ finales :
Samedi 12 Avril à 18h00 et 19h00

Un cocktail dinatoire offert par La Maison Nordique sera servi à partir de 20h00
sur le prestigieux court de Jeu de Paume.
Finale :
Dimanche 13 Avril à 17h00,
suivie de la remise de prix


Le Jeu de Paume de Paris aura le plaisir de proposer aux joueurs licenciés FFS un TABLEAU REGIONAL HOMOLOGUE dès Vendredi 11 Avril pour coïncider avec les ¼ de finales du tableau « PSA ».

Ce tableau est limité à 48 joueurs, 16 places seront réservées aux joueurs de l’association (Jeu de Paume Paris), les 32 places restantes seront attribuées aux meilleurs classés inscrits.

Date limite d’inscription :
Lundi 7 Avril à 12h00
Frais d’inscription :
25 euros Inscriptions
par e-mail uniquement :

Merci de demander une confirmation de réception.

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