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Squash, Poker, Etc.

Gus in Monte-Carlo, Nov. 2012

Squash and Poker, a good partnership?

You may have read this article about Gus Hansen that I did during the Worlds in Rotterdam. He is both a professional Poker Player, and a fervent Squash player. I saw him

Question is, what Poker and Squash have in common?

Well, I would say, quick thinking, ability to control your emotions and use them when needed, the planning of the next move (constructing rallies), but most of all, fooling your opponent. In Poker, they call it the Poker Face, in squash, we'll use delaying, deceptions, sending wrong information via body language, etc.

So I guess that Squash Players should be not too bad at poker, and vice-versa!

Many sites now propose Poker like
partypoker de and apparently, a lot of sports people find poker quite easy and enjoyable to play.

Please, let me know if you play squash and poker, are you any good at both, what do you like about it? Would be nice to hear from you...


First time I heard about Gus Hansen was while doing my Fram's corner, when I read about a Poker player who decided to sponsor the Danish Squash Team.

Forgot about him to be honest, until Rotterdam during the worlds.

Here was an extremely fit young man, hard to miss really, dressed in a very unusual outfit - in our squash world - more like a cyclist or a water ski athlete, chatting with all the top players as if he had known them all his life, but struck me than everything else, was that he was playing with them for hours. And I'm not exaggerating. HOURS!!!

Although I'm blond, I truly put 2 and 2 together. Gus Hansen, the "Poker Dude", aka "The Great Dane" had joined the building. But I didn't realise how well known, how world famous he was until I chatted about him to others.

The man is HUGE! And he is passionate about squash??? We love him!

He is also famous for his love of sports in general and challenges in particular, such as a boxing match against WSOPE bracelet winner Theo Jorgensen. He plays a lot of tennis - was a junior champion - and according to tabloids,  has been linked to a very beautiful Danish Tennis player who also lives in Monte-Carlo...

Not sure what a woman would see in him though, his earnings are only close to 10 million dollars, and in 2004, People Magazine classified him as one of the 50 sexiest men in the world.

Naaaaa, can't see it myself....

To conclude, I must say that I can see why he is so successful in the Poker world. Normally, I can read what people feel and think rather easily.  But with him, nothing. A black screen. Absolutely nothing. Scary.

Anyway. Caught up with him in Rotterdam - thanks to Laurent and John from PSASquashTV...  

Gus Hansen:
Official sponsor
of the Danish squash national team

[01:29:19] Steve Cubbins:

sexiest card shark

AGE: 30
STATUS: Single
CLAIM TO FAME: Known as "The Great Dane" on the Travel Channel's World Poker Tour, the Copenhagen-born card champ has won three tour events and ranks as one of the most aggressive no-limit players in the game.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE POKER FACE: Hansen, who works out daily and dresses in black Hugo Boss jeans, "is an anomaly" among men who sit at poker tables for hours on end, says actress Mimi Rogers, a tournament-level player. "HE'S INCREDIBLY SMART AND BUFF. COMBINED WITH THE DANISH ACCENT, IT'S PRETTY ENTICING. And there's an element of unpredictability that makes him sexy. He's a dangerous player."

SHARING THE POT: With winnings racked up over seven years as a pro, Hansen bought homes for his grandmother, mother and sister. "I'm not big into gifts on holidays," he says. "I like to give presents when the situation arises."

"I was born in 1974 just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark and grew up playing a lot of sports, especially tennis.

I was always fascinated by numbers and math. I was introduced to backgammon and really took to it. I practiced intensively until I was ready to test my skills around the world.

I ended up in New York, touring backgammon and gin rummy clubs, and hanging out with guys like Huckleberry Seed and Phil Laak. It was during this time that I was introduced to various types of poker, including Stud games.

I played my first World Series of Poker in 1996 but, looking back, I had absolutely no chance of winning, as I had never really played No-Limit Hold 'em before then. After being knocked out on the first day, I decided to start practicing more, testing new plays and experimenting with different styles. Experimentation and mixing-up my style has been part of my game ever since.

By 1998, I found myself playing more poker than backgammon, and making more frequent trips to Las Vegas.

When the World Poker Tour kicked off in 2002, I had developed a loose, aggressive style that immediately paid off, both in terms of money and recognition.

When not playing tournament poker, I am a regular participant in the "Big Game" at the Bellagio battling it out in as many as 13 different poker games with players such as Phil Ivey, Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein, and David Benyamine.

Online, I often play high-limit Pot-Limit Omaha games or Omaha 8/B Limit games on On occasion, I can also be found in low-stakes Limit Hold 'em and Razz games, along with low-limit SNGs and some of's larger tournaments.

If I'm not playing poker, there is a good chance you can find me on the golf course, the tennis court, the squash court or playing soccer with my friends, as I find that playing sports and working out help me maintain the physical stamina needed to be a successful poker player.

I also provide poker commentary for both Danish and American television shows, and am always ready to play a high-stakes backgammon match against anybody who would like to challenge me.

I currently reside in Monte Carlo, Monaco where I spend a lot of time with my family, including my niece Sally, who I believe will be my first poker protégé."

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