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• French Open Junior • Lille • du 20 au 23 février 2014 •  

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'Blame nobody. Expect nothing. Do something': Nick Matthew...

(will take a bit of little grey cells...)

(building up at 12h00)



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Turkey is in Lille FJO for the first time...

Pools GU13 (Wam) :
Pool A   Pool B    Pool C     Pool D

BU13 (Tub)
Irish Conor Moran seeded 2 for the event has lost a game against French Tristan Grenon, while on the other side of the spectrum, David Maier seed 1 didn't taje abt prisonner against another Irish Moran, Dylan.

A bit of a disapointement for the French as Mattéo Cremoux [9/16] bowed against English Jack Mitterer, [17/32]. As for the rest, seeding logic applied....

BU15 (Wam) :
Little surprises:
Welsh Joe Rhys Curtis beats Edwin Clain [12/16] in 4, Maxime Vangrevelynghe beats Norwegian Andreas Bo [12/16], English Oscar Beach kicks French Erwan Poulain [12/16] out in , Antoine Glenat, good performance against Irish Dineen [9/16].

To be noted:
Seed 1
Victor Crouin only dropped 3 points against compatriot Quantin Galinier [17/32], whereas we only had 1 5 setter, 11/6 in the 5th, Adrien Douillard [12/16] versus German Arnaud Masset [17/32].

BU15 (Tub) Take 2
Victor Crouin, in great shape for now, lost 9 points on his match (after the 3 points lost this morning). On the other side of the draw, Czech Viktor BYRTUS, conceded a game against Welsh Joe Rhys Curtis. As we thought it could happen, Egyptian Ahmed El Mashad [9/16] beats English James Wyatt, [5/8].

To be noted the big match that Englishboy Oscar Beach exerted against top 3 Yannick Wilhemi, the Swiss only clinching the match 11/6 in the 5th.

To be also noted the 2 marathons from  Alexandre Dubarry, who after winning 11/9 in the 5th this morning, grabs the match against Irish Scott Gillanders [5/8] 12/10 in the same 5th As he declared at the end of his match "won't have any trouble finding my sleep tonight...

GU15 (Wam) :
Nice match for French Océane Michelot who beats Swiss Sarah Lüdin [9/16], 11/3 in the 5th. Same for Turk  Esmahan KABAKCI who exits Netherlander Juliette Permentier  [9/16] in 3. No surprise though for French Ombeline Parbaud who bows against Netherlander Daphne TIMMER [9/16].

GU15 (Wam) Take 2 :
Not going to dwell on that one, I'm starting to get a bit tired! So, only upset, a nice clean 30/ for French girl Maelle FUHRER [9/16] against a hot favourite from Wales Ciara RICHARDS [3/4] du Pays de Galles. [Come on France, in Rugby of course...]

BU17 (Tub) :
Well, that's sorted then... U17 lost not only their seed one but also their seed 2! Swiss Dimitri Steinmann forfeited, and that benefits French Robin Didelot through to the next round.

Welsh Elliot Morris-Devred [17/32] took out [9/16] Jean-Baptiste Gai 11/7 in the 5th. Another British, English  Bradley Masters [17/32] beat in 3 Austrian Paul Mairinger [5/8]. Joshua GUTENBERG [17/32], from Switzerland exists Polish Piotr Hellerling [9/16]. Bad news for the French Camp as well as one of their podium hopeful, Jules Cremoux, [5/8], stops at the first hurdle, in 4 against English Jack Martell, [17/32].

BU17 (Wam), take 2 :
They played this morning in the other club, the Tub, and zoom, 3 hours later, they were back battling away in the Wam...

If Enzo Corigliano, seed 1, had a first game that was rather comfy, 11/1, the rest was slightly more uncomfortable! 12/14, 12/10, 11/8 against Swiss Andreas DIETZSCH [17/32]. As for Lucas Rousselet, a French hope, if he had a difficult start yesterday, he passed today with flying colours. Slow starter...

[17/32] confirms his good result from the previous rund (he ousted Jules Cremoux) by beating Ludovico CIPOLLETTA [9/16] - a bit tired from the morning 5 setters I would guess - in 3 games.

A big upset, as Swiss Luca WILHELMI [9/16] kicks out in touch one of the favourites, Netherlander Tess JUTTE [3/4] in a hard encounter, 7-11, 11-6, 11-6, 11-13, 11-6.

As for Robin DIDELOT [17/32], the French boy who had benefited from the late withdrawal from the seed2 in the previous round, dream stops there, as he bows to Welsh Elliott MORRIS-DEVRED [17/32].

GU17 (Wam)
Only two matches in this pre-tour, with English Beth PARKER [9/16] taking out Netherlander Suzanne Peters, and a nice match for a French girl, Emma TAUZIN that produces a good match, very disputed, against Welsh Kathryn FIELD [9/16].

GU17 (Wam) - Take 2
As we say in France, "no soucy" for the two favourites, Welsh Elin HARLOW and English Kace BARTLEY. Laura Paquemar did scare Swiss Marija SHPAKOVA [5/8],only bowing 11-7, 9-11, 13-11, 7-111, 1-6. Excellent  performance from Irish Stéphanie RYAN [9/16] against Krystina FIALOVA [5/8], 11/9 in the 4th.

BU19 (Wam)
Seed 1 & 2 Angus Gilliams (Eng) & David Ryan (Irl) went through nicely. Little cocorico for France, as  Jérémie Aissaoui ousts Italian Eugenio Cipolletta [9/16] 5, 2 et 8. Bon match. Only other surprise of that first round, a Dutch Derby, with Christoph Winzer beats Joost Biezeno [9/16].

BU19 (Wam) Take 2
Good performances tonight from the Grondin Twins. Adrien wins in 5, from 201 down, against Welsh Emyr Evans [5/8], while it was even harder for brother Mathias who finally clinches the match against Israel Avichai BARMOUCHA [5/8], but 13/11!

English James Peach kicks compatriot Alex Noakes [5/8] and will play Irish David Ryan, seed 1, who didn't have too many troubles against German Tiago Goriely.

GU19 (Wam)
In this like the previous group, 4 matches only, and no surprise, all seeds went through.

GU19 (Wam) Take  2
Nothing to declare for that one, all went according to seeding, only little precision, top seed Nele GILIS [1] didn't have to play as her opponent Sidonie Segers forfeited.