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• French Open Junior • Lille • du 20 au 23 février 2014 •  

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'Blame nobody. Expect nothing. Do something': Nick Matthew...



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Listing matches BU19

Only six matches in that category, with the Frenchman Valentin Rudelle winning w.o. Great start. On the other scale, Théo Froment gets finally through a 5 setter against Australian Joël Luca, three out of the 5 games went to a tie break, and the match was over an hour!

Marc Bouger wins 3/0 against first timer in the FJO Ahmat Ugurlu from Turkey, and Norwegian Bjon Wilson-Osterhus overcomes easily French Thomas Sacrias.

As for the last two, Mike Sorochev, from Ukraine, beats English Josh Carter, while another Englishboy, Jeremy Harris wins in four against Ergin Yorukoglu, from Turkey.

Listing matches BU17

We continued with the BU17 and a lot of them!!!

Match of the day will be no contest Sven BODDEKE (Holland) and Thomas ROBINAUD. A suberb match that went not only to 5, but have a look at the scoreline! 21/19! Bless them... 4-11 19-21 11-3 15-13 11-8!

Another big battle for Swiss [17/32] Joshua GUTENBERG against another Frenchboy GUIRAUD, a five setter too. 

Good defence from English Robert Finch against French hope [9/16] Lucas Rousselet. Robert took a game, and could have very easily been 2/1 instead of 1/2 down! Close call for Lucas.

As for the rest, no suprises, all went according to seeding.

Listing match BU15

Mael Letourneau with Benoît Letourneau, coach for France and son!Although they were supposed to play later, the BU15  finished before the others (some matches had been delayed to accomodate late arrrivals. )

And in that category, it's a bit a of earthquake seeding wise! Only 4 are still standing in the [17/32], Quantin GALINIER, Ryan KELLY (Irl), Anthony SCHWAB (Ned), et Mael LETOURNEAU. Early exit for all the others...

So we have three English, one Welsh, and 7 French that get a nice upset today...

Listing matches BU13

A bit like in the U15, the little ones saw a lot of early exits for the [17/32]. Not as many, but still. Irish Dylan MORAN along with Antoine RIEHL, Mathis MARTHELOT, Paul MARTHELOT, Tristan GRENON created the upset today.

To be noted, the only 5 setter, Fabien TEYSSERE [17/32] that finishes 11/4 in the 5th against good fighter Englishboy Michael MITTERER, 7-11 11-7 9-11 11-9 11-3.


U17 #1 Al Saraj (younger brother of the U19 new British Junior Open) didn't manage to get his visa on time, and had to withdraw at the last minute from the competition.
The draw have been redone, and the seeds are now as follow :

1. Enzo CORIGLIANO (Fra)
2. Dimitri STEINMANN (Swi)
3. Benjamin AUBERT (Fra)
4. Tess JUTTE (Ned)

Boxes of Tshirts, Bar Staff in place and Streaming getting there...

Fred, Manu et Guillaume

Victor Crouin et Alex Dubarry

Fred Lecomte: Analysis...

This year for a start, we are not playing on three courts as wee did the previous years, but only on two, Bondues (Max de Peretti & Guillaume Dubarry at the helm), and the Wam (Manu Crouin & Stéphane Robinaud).

As for the participants, the English came in numbers, probably going for the Europeans Qualifications. To be noted, for the first time, we have a Turkey Delegations, around 10 of them, we are very happy to welcome them.

English Angus Gillams is top dog, and as our number 1  Baptiste Masotti is injured, our hopes of podium come from Auguste Dussourd, who had a few good results lately.

As for the girls, Netherland is hot favourite, with the two Belgium Sisters Nele et Tinne Gillis (Happy birthday Nele). For the French, hope are on Océane Wadoux & Marie Stephan from Nîmes.

As Al-Saraj forfeited, French Enzo Corigliano (le Mans) is now seeed 1, and the French hope that Benjamin Aubert (Aix), Lucas Rousselet (Chatenay) & Jules Cremoux (le Mans) may cause a few surprises.

For the girls, Welsh Elin Harlow is seed 1. For the "Bleues", Laura Gamblin et Elise Romba (Chatenay) carrry the French hopes.

Ukraine is the biiiig favourite for this catergory, with Nadiia Usenk & Alina Bushma. We also have an Egyptian that we don't know, and we've learned to be weary of their talent, Engy Hamouda. Fanny Segers, youngest of three sisters, represents France, and like young Marion Romba, could upset a few results...

For the boys, Frenchboy Victor Crouin carries the French flag, but will have a few hard matches agains Czek Viktor Byrthus, not to forget two Egyptians, Ziad Ayman & Ahmed El Mashad.

At least but not last, U13, very open for the girls, Yuna Loaec, from Lorient, is the French hopeful, and for the boys, Toufik Mekhalfi & Manu Paquemar. For the rest of the world boys, favourite is  Swiss David Maier with Indian Utkarsh Baheti as the underdog...



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