2016 Day 2

• French Open Junior • Lille • du 18 au 21 février 2016 •  





If the top seeds Gilevskiy and Hofman didn't have any troubles with even a 11/0 for the first one to finish, we have a few matches that didn't go to seedings!

In the Egyptian Derby, Hasanen upset his compatriot Elshbaihy in 3, while Ismail managed to break the French hearts ousting home favourite Loaec, 12/10 in the 3rd.

Another upset, the early exit for the 3/4 from Turkey Sen, beaten in 3 by Swiss Khalil. Last surprise, Swiss Cull managed to squash French 5/8 Shroeder in a very close scoreline, 11/9, 10/12, 11/8, 11/9 in 49m.


French Douillard had to fight very hard to get to the quarters, English Besant only bowing 11/9 in the 5th! All the other matches were only 3 games.

Two matches didn't go to seedings, English Johnson overtaking 5/8 Irish Smith and Egyptian Easa beating Dutch Markus, 11/1 and 11/0 in the last two games.


No upsets really in that round, apart from one match, French Manu Paquemar bowing to English Carter in 33m and four game, with none of the other matches getting more than 3 games.


Everything went according to seeding in the GU15 last 16, all matches only three games, and the only match that went to 4 was Swiss Simona Frevel against French Emma Hodapp.

Appart from Elmashad beating German Jeeva in 3 verrrry close games indeed, 12/10, 12/10, 11/8 in exactly one hour, all the other results didn't show any suprises.

To be noted the excellent match from the French Dubarry who led 2/1 and pushed 3/4 Vorlicek to 11/8 in the 5th in 76m!

No trouble for the first 2 seeds, French Segers & Dutch Permentier through to the quarters.

Little upsets with Swiss Neill and Dutch Fritsche that ousts better seeded Ludin and Elserty. A big deception for the French Camp as Maelle Fuhrer, 3/4, lost a disputed 42m 4 setter against Swiss Charlotte Jagger 9/16.


Blast! That was not the result the French audience wanted to see! One of French most loved young players, Enzo Corigliano, lost to Welsh Elliot Morris. What a drama too, as Enzo lost the first two 7, 8, only to claw back 8, 8, and finally bow 13/11 in the 5th! on Elliot first match ball...

One little upset seeding wise, with the victory of the Irish Oisin Dunne who beat Swiss Roman Allinckx in 4. Nice to see Sébastien Bonmalais still on course, he comes all the way from La Réunion - where Thierry Lincou comes from. That was a trip worthwhile bless him.

One French girl in, with Lauriane Maingot that manages to upset 3/4 Lowri Roberts 14/12, 16/14 in the last two games, while another French goes out, Julie Rossignol, against Egyptian Hamouda, 11/8 in the 5th...

I won my first round against Andreas DIETZSCH and then this evening, against teamate Rohan MANDIL. I am happy with the way I played. I had good sensations.
Quarter final against Oisin Dunne from Ireland tomorrow at 11:55 !

J'ai gagné aujourd'hui mes 2 premiers tours contre Andreas DIETZSCH et Rohan MANDIL. J'ai fait des bons matchs avec de bonnes sensations. Je suis prêt pour les quarts de finale qui se tiendront demain à 11h55. Je serai opposé à l'irlandais Oisin Dunne.
A demain ...


Yesterday afternoon was a slow-ish day - results here - with still a few marathon/heartpumping matches from two French, Erwann Poulain in the BU17 coming back from 2/0 down to take the match 11/9 in the 5th, and Emma Tauzin in the U19 that win an easy encounter, 15/13 in the 5th!!!

Today, Matches at the Wam, and the TUB.

Les Mots du Président

Max De Peretti, Juge Arbitre au TUB, mais prof de math avant tout, corrigeant des copies
When you have to still correct the work of your maths students while volunteering at the Tournament Office

Premier match très difficile pour moi, je perds 3/2 contre une égyptienne, Ingy Sherif Hamouda (12/16). Je suis tombée sur un tableau difficile, mais je me suis donnée à fond pour pouvoir passer en quart et lui faire peur.

J'ai réussi à lui faire peur mais pas assez car dans le 5ème jeu j'ai fait pas mal de faute ce qui lui a permis de gagner la rencontre. J'ai peut être perdu le match mais je retiens beaucoup de positif, je vois ma progression augmenter doucement mais sûrement.

J'ai gagné mon second match contre ma coéquipière d'équipe de France, Laura Paquemar sur le score de 3/1. Maintenant je vais tout faire pour terminer 9. Je joue contre Marija Shpakova à 14:15 demain.



2016 Day 2

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