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du 16 au 19 février - Lille

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Little Visit of the Club, a video by Jérôme Boyadjian


Ok, I'm perfect continuity, as I still don't have much clue about what's going on out there, as I'm cooked in the office since I arrived.

As you are aware, the tournament is spread over 3 clubs, here, the Wam - I quickly introduced it to you yesterday, then the Tub, only minutes away, and l'Arbonnoise, about 15m from the Wam.

But contrarily to the British Open, not one age group is dedicated to one club. Everybody gets to play in the Wam, so, it makes more sense that I actually try and stick here, to try and have a little idea of what's going on...

Basically, at Wam, we have U19 boys and girls, U17 girls. The Boys U15 & U17, at the Arbonnoise. And that cute little club, Tub, will welcome the U13 and U15 girls.

RESULTS           Day 1

En Bref, #2

En Bref, #1
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Photos # 2

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England Squash

Always great to see Squashsite supporting the junior events, as these events will be producing the new generation.

I am here with Lee Drew coaching the England junior boys and girls who are in contention for selection for the BU19 World Individual and Team as well as the girls who's Team event is in 2013. Where possible we will of course be helping out any other ESR players who do not have a coach with them, a very tall order with around 60 players from England competing this year, but we do have the luxury of some excellent coaches supporting a lot of the juniors.

As ever, super food here at the French, you guys know how to cook :-)

Looking forward to your reports and of course the photos which are always sensational as well as the menu for tomorrow!

First day over for us, long day and no doubt even longer tomorrow when all the age groups begin.

Bed time, Bon nuit!

U19 GIRLS (Photos Patrick Le Fur)

If Melissa Alves, top seed, had no trouble against USA Camille LANIER, it was a different story for Nele Gilis, seed 2, who had to fight very hard to take the first game, 16/14. She lost the 3rd, 11/3, to finally take the fourth very comfortably.

To be noted that Oxane Ah-Hu, still injured, could not defend her chances against compatriot Enora Villard.

U19 BOYS (Photos Patrick Le Fur)

Bad day for the French really, as our two representants are out. Damien Volland seeded to the semis, was stopped by Richie Fallows in three games. And same for Alexandre Cogno, 5/8, against another English boy, Lyell Fuller. All the others matches went according to seeding.

A little note: Qatari Abdulla Al-Tamini fought very bravely - up to severe cramping in the second round against Richie Fallows - pushing him to 11/7 in the 5th, that same Richie that went on to beating Damien in 3 in the next round...

U17 BOYS  (Photos Patrick Le Fur)

U17 GIRLS  (Photos Patrick Le Fur)

No suprises but some really nice matches in that categories, the girls were fighting hard and were determined to stay on court as long as it took. For example, French Océane Wadoux gave [3/4] Anna Kimberley a good run for her money. The English girl took the second 16/14, and the 5th 12/10 !

The whole French match between Charlotte Demange, from La Ciotat and Marion Andriamifidy  from la Réunion Island, turned logically to the advantage of the latter, 3/1, but in a good spirited match that I did enjoy a lot.

U15 BOYS  (Photos Patrick Le Fur)

No trouble for the top guys, both French Enzo Corigliano and Jules Cremoux are in the quarters, Enzo losing only a few points against compatriot Victor Neguede. Jules had to work a bit harder, he takes a disputed encounter 13/11 in the 3rd against English Jack Martell

As for the upsets, Bradley Masters ousted 5/8 Harry Falconer, an all English affair, while another English, Laurence Green probably had the match of his life, beating Irish Nikita Gilveski, 5/8, 3 games to 2.


RAS, as in nothing to declare, as it all went to seeding, and only one game  lost 11/6 by English Kace Bartley against Fin Nea Falck.

[17/32] Manuel PAQUEMAR 3-2 Richard Hill (Eng)
                            9-11 11-7 11-3 10-12 12-10
[9/16] Daniel KAMEL (Wal) 3-0 [17/32] Manuel PAQUEMAR
                           11-8 11-4 12-10 (24mn)

As ever, impressed by the level of those kids, I watched a few of them, whether it's the main draw or the plates, their life depends on it, emotions are running high, and it makes it extremely enjoyable.

Not that I'm French or anything, but I did notice a young boy from Lorient, Manuel Paquemar, whose sister, Laura, is playing for the U15.

Manuel is a natural, lovely hands and moving extremely, good eye coordination as well, and extremely determined. He won his morning match 12/10 in the 5th, against Richard Hill from England, only to lose 12/10 in the third against Welsh Daniel Kamel seeded 9/16.

What was remarkable, was that there was a few English boys watching the match, and they were, like me, quite impressed with that 10 years old boy...

Their dad, Jean-Luc, has been playing squash for 20 years now, and obviously transmitted his passion to his children. And as the mum added, "it's a lot of work". You bet!!!


Hasnaat Farooqi (Egy)  3-2 [5/8] Edwin Cain (Fra)
                           12-10 11-5 8-11 12-14 11-8
[17/32] Toufik MEKHALFI (Fra) [9/16] William Miles-Christiansen (Lux)      10-12 11-7 11-6 11-9
Aly Mohamed Hassan 3-1 [5/8] Alexander ENGSTROM
                                      11-3 11-1 10-12 11-8

They are playing again tonight, bless them, but as for round 2, there was three mini upsets, as in Hasnaat Farooqi fought very hard to get rid of 5/8 Frenchie Edwin Clain, 11/8 in the 5th.

A good surprise for the French clan though, with the victory of Toufik Mekhalfi that gets the better of William Miles-Christiansen in four disputed games.

Funnily enough, Toufik will now meet with the last upset of that second round, Mohamed Hassan that overcomes 5/8 Alexander Engstrom from England.



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